About ReturnHealthy

Dr. Werner Vosloo is a Naturopathic and Homeopathic Physician with a focus on and passion for helping people with multi-body system chronic conditions heal naturally.

Modern day medicine mostly offers symptomatic relief for chronic multi symptom conditions. Dr. Vosloo's mission is to drive real and lasting change to help improve every single person's quality of life and sense of well-being.

In the past, Dr. Vosloo found that the top supplement brands available did not work well enough to provide consistent and adequate clinical change and improvement for his patients. This led him to start developing his own supplement formulas to provide effective products to help people suffering from conditions like Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Mold and Biotoxin Illness, as well as Lyme Disease Complex and related conditions.

Return Healthy, is a resource to the public for those that do not have access to an integrated medical clinic like Restorative Health Clinic. Providing all-natural health supplements created and refined through years of research and clinical practice.

Return healthy stands by its mission and products and offers a 100% money back patient satisfaction guarantee up to 30 days after purchase.

Improve Your Health with All Natural Supplements specifically developed for your condition.


After practicing medicine for 18 years, we founded returnhealthy.com to deliver clarity in a marketplace cluttered with misinformation and opportunism.

At ReturnHealthy.com, our mission is to help you make educated choices in your pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. Even though shopping for supplements and natural remedies online offers more convenience and choice than ever, a lack of standards has led to resellers hiding behind the anonymity of the web and taking advantage for profit, without much regard for customer well-being.

Our store is an extension of years of clinical experience in naturopathic medicine. We won't sell products we don't believe in, and we don't believe in products whose effectiveness we can't substantiate. We carry reputable brands that strike a balance between efficacy, quality, and value. The result is a narrower product range, but one that we stand behind and sell confidently.

So be our guest, and please always feel free to contact us with questions about any of the brands or products we sell. If you are ever unsatisfied for any reason, we certainly want to hear about it so that we may have the opportunity to keep you happy and healthy!

Thank you from all of us at ReturnHealthy.com!