Mold Illness

Mycotoxin illness affects many people to a minor degree and about 25% of people get really sick. You struggle to function and typically do not get much better.

The body is not good at eliminating biological toxins effectively.

Circulating mold toxin in the body will stimulate a chronic debilitating illness in about 25% of us who have the genetic predisposition to react to the mold toxin and develop a chronic fatigue-like condition.

If you suspect your chronic multi-symptom, multi body system condition may be caused by mold toxin or other biological toxin [blue-green algae, ciguatera, bacterial, fungal toxins], you may find this and related pages describing a very helpful approach.

The first and most important thing to to:

Remove yourself from the moldy environment or remove the mold from your environment. For most it is a combination of the two.

Testing of moldy rooms, schools, offices, churches and homes can be done in several ways, our two preferred ways are through mold toxin testing and mold DNA testing.


Mold toxin testing:

Tests dust collected in your home or other building or your body fluids. Preferred specimen is urine.

Lab of choice -

Detects 3 different kinds of mold toxin produced by several species of toxic mold.

Approximate cost is $700 for 3 mold toxins.

Benefit – you can test your body fluids to see if you have any one of three mycotoxins releasing from your body.


Mold DNA testing:

Tests dust collected in your home either with a vacuum from carpeted surfaces or Swiffer type cloth for hard surfaces or if you have had your carpet cleaned in the last 6 months.

Lab of choice -

The ERMI test seeks to find DNA from 36 different mold species from the dust you collected in your main living areas or suspected room (s). HERTSMI 2 test checks for a handful of species at a reduced cost.

Approximate costs for ERMI test is $300 and HERTSMI 2 is $165.

Benefit – you can can do this very economical test and screen for a whole host of molds very accurately. Your body fluids will not contain mold DNA and thus only for use on your home or suspected water damaged moldy building.


 Start feeling better now that you know to identify mold in your home and identify mold toxin in your body fluids.

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